About Us

360 Co Pack Corporation is a sister company to High Performance Packaging. High Performance Packaging is our used packaging machinery company with our 35 years of hands-on experience in the packaging industry working with packaging machinery on the production floor. We know how to package products and meet and exceed expectations. To date, the team at High Performance Packaging and 360 Co-Pack Corporation has built hundreds of packaging lines for our customers spanning all manufacturing sectors.

In discussions with our customers over the past year, knowing our expertise and capabilities have asked us to Co-pack their products for them. They consistently expressed their dissatisfaction with their current Co-packers and knew immediately we could solve their packaging problems. As requests continued to come in to provide contract packaging services using the equipment inventory we have in stock coupled with our years of hands on production, operations management, and equipment expertise, we have answered the call.

In 2021, for the first time, now there is a contract packaging company that has the experience you expect, understands what you need and what it takes to get you there. High Performance Packaging can build the lines you need to Co-Pack your products in house and get up and running fast. Our experience will prove that 360 Co-Pack Corporation is your solution to packaging your products in quality, cost, and delivery.