Ethical Standards for Contract Packagers

The 360 Co-Pack Corporation. adheres to the official “Standards of Ethical Conduct for Professional Contract Packagers” as set forth by the Contract Packaging Association.

Standards of Ethical Conduct for Professional Contract Packagers

  • A contract packaging service shall, to the best of its ability protect the safety, health, and welfare of the public and the client in the fulfillment of his or her professional duties and will refuse an assignment rather than compromise standards of integrity.
  • A contract packaging service will determine its qualifications to perform any assignment for a client and accept only those contracts in which it has complete competence.
  • A professional contract packaging service will treat all information relating to the business affairs of a client as confidential, including the client’s name, if they request anonymity.
  • A contract packaging service will conduct its business in a professional and dignified manner, and will at all times uphold the honor and integrity expected.
  • A contract packaging service will continue to pursue knowledge and professional development in packaging to provide clients with state-of-the-art satisfaction, and will contribute effort and funds to the furtherance of packaging technology, sharing experiences and knowledge with other members of the profession, particularly novices in the field.
  • A contract packaging service will establish a fee schedule for each client and accept payment for services only from one source in the conduct of a project unless both parties agree and are informed of each other’s participation.
  • A contract packaging service will always be truthful and forthright in observations and recommendations to clients. A professional contact packaging service will endeavor always to make clear the significance and limitations of reported findings and will make every effort to prevent the misuse or misrepresentations of such documentation.
  • A contract packaging service will be honest and objective in relations with vendors and describe their products fairly and accurately to clients.